Songversation Summit

A Keynote Concert Festival for Lovers of Personal Growth & Music. - FREE!

Saturday | 7.29.23 | Virtual Event

    You're Invited!

    Experience the transformational power of storytelling and music as you join us for a unique one-day-only virtual event with seven power-house Keynote Concert performers!🤔 But, ummm... what is a Keynote Concert?
    ...Is it a Keynote? ...Is it a Concert?
    No, it's a "Song-versation!"
    Think a TED Talk on steroids! 🤯 Not only will you discover empowering takeaways to improve your life, you will also be elevated, enlightened, and entertained by original songs and true life stories.

    ✅ All attendees will enjoy LIVE exclusive Q&As and will receive FREE downloads and worksheets for continued daily inspiration.

    Meet The Performers

    Kristen Budde:
    Stuck to unstoppable!

    When this award-winning singer-songwriter and violinist, takes the stage, be prepared to be energized and empowered to face your fears, overcome worst-case scenario thinking and take action! Kristen has shared her talents of speaking and singing throughout the US and wholeheartedly believes that stories and songs have the power to heal and help move us forward. With a humorous and engaging personality, Kristen will share practical steps to get unstuck and begin building a life you love.

    Eden Moody:
    Claim Your Power

    She's a Brazilian-American inspirational speaker, singer-songwriter, recording artist, and performer whose music and presence has touched thousands of people throughout her late-bloomer career. A religious cult survivor, Eden is passionate about helping people overcome limiting beliefs and embrace their limitless potential. Eden's Keynote Concert is a songversation experience that will empower you to release your inner superhero and create a life that is liberating and authentic.

    Elisabeth & Scotty Lund:
    The Adversity Advantage

    This power-couple are inspirational speakers, songwriters, singers, recording artists, and multi-faceted entertainers. Scotty is also an award-winning Film Composer, and Elisabeth, an award winning Stunt performer! Between the two of them, they have appeared on Conan O’Brien, MTV, Disney, performed at The Grammy’s (2011), and even Cirque du Soleil! After Scotty’s near-death experience with cancer, they discovered a passion for sharing the advantage of dealing with adversity. Together they will take you on an emotional rollercoaster that will leave you confident that you, too, can conquer anything life throws at you and excel in life!

    Ken Alan Walker:
    Flow To Freedom

    He is a transformational speaker, musician and songwriter dedicated to helping others transcend fear, achieve peak performance, and live with purpose. Did you know that the optimal state known as Flow, a simple aspect of human nature, is actually a portal to the freedom we seek? Ken’s personal journey of overcoming fear and self doubt will inspire and guide you in clearing the obstacles to Flow as a pathway to experiencing your deepest, authentic self.

    Mu-Yin (Molly) Chen:
    Perfectly Imperfect

    She is a multi-passionate creative: a speaker, author, concert pianist, media composer, and international jewelry designer whose handmade jewelry has been sold to over 80,000 people in 47 countries. A survivor of chronic depression, Molly turned her depression into her superpower and is passionate about helping others see their true value and potential. Molly's lighthearted Keynote Concert will help you supercharge your life force.

    Don Somerville:
    Passionate Perseverance Pays

    As a producer and songwriter, he has worked with Grammy Award winning artists and writers and has found himself locking pens with David Paich (Toto) and Bill Champlin (Chicago), Dann Huff (Producer for Rascal Flatts/Keith Urban/Bon Jovi), Chris Eaton (Amy Grant/Janet Jackson), and Canadian mega-producer and hit songwriter David Foster. As both a speaker and a musician, Don is a firm believer in sharing stories and songs that touch the very core of the human soul and inspiring people to reach their highest potential.


    ✋: This looks incredible. Why is it free?
    We are a small group of artists who are becoming speaker certified to make an even bigger impact as Keynote Concert speakers. We may or may not be able to invite you to one of the events we get hired to perform at as our clients will likely be event organizers. However, all of us have built a music following that have supported us over the years so this is our way of giving back and sharing this journey with you.
    ✋: I wanna be there, but not all day. What is the schedule?
    The LIVE virtual event will run 9AM-4PM PST and you’re more than welcome to hang out as little or as much or as you’d like. Passholders will be sent the zoom link and schedule a day or two before the event.
    ✋: I already have plans. Can I watch the replay?
    Yes, passholders will have the option to request a replay in exchange for a minimum donation.
    ✋: I’ve never heard of this before. What exactly IS this?
    That’s because it's the first ever event of its kind!
    Previous in-person attendees have told us a Keynote Concert was like experiencing a Ted Talk, but with music!
    …We truly believe your mind will be blown and you’ll have nothing but positive feedback to share with us afterwards. …Along with bragging rights to be one of the first people to attend Songersation Summit EVER!!

    How to join

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    3. Show up on the day of to enjoy and engage with your favorite performers!

    ✅ All attendees will enjoy LIVE exclusive Q&As and will receive FREE downloads and worksheets for continued daily inspiration.


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    Songversation Summit
    2023 - replays

    A Keynote Concert Festival for Lovers of Personal Growth & Music. - FREE!

    Saturday | 7.29.23 | Virtual Event

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